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Open for New Consignments

Contact Us for more info!!!

Our Last Horse listed sold in 48 hours!!!

sold on Consignment


We have been offering Gypsy Horses for sale since 2008!
Recently began taking consignments as we have so many Buyers looking but not enough horses :)

We require:
-Pre Listing Exam by the Vet that the Vet must assess & note leg conditions such as Mites, CPL, etc
-Registration must be in Sellers Name (unless unregistered-in that case we can assist with registration)
-Copy of the PSSM test.

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about the horses. Our goal is to find forever homes and feel the best way to do that is to Market the horse correctly. No one likes surprises on a PPE or when the horse arrives.

Also Seller must provide Video and Photos of the horse or be open to a photoshoot.

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"Premium Gypsy Vanner Marketplace"


Open for New Consignments


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