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HorseSense & Horsemanship Learning Levels

HorseSense Learning Levels

New for 2022, We have added HorseSense & Horsemanship Learning Levels to our Riding Program. These Learning Levels are used to ensure a well rounded Riding Program with the Students "Leveling Up" as they progress in their skills. We will continue with Mounted, Unmounted, Classroom & Barn Lessons utilizing HorseSense & Horsemanship including the Ribbons, study Guides and the Quizzes.

Horsemanship is everything in the saddle, Horse Sense is everything else. The goal is the Students will move through both study guides and lessons together.

Below is a few examples of this AWESOME program. Blanket on is a Yellow Level HorseSense Lesson. This document is part of the study guide that goes with that Lesson. Below that is an example of a Obstacle Course/Pattern for the Red Level. Each Level comes with Study Guides, Obstacle Courses, Maps, Objectives, Flash Cards, Games etc.

This is a great way for Students to see the progress of all their hard work.

We will be tracking progression through the levels with Trello Boards. These are great as Parents and Students can log in to Trello & see what they have accomplished. Trello has all the information for the current level, with links to the study guides and obstacle courses.

Along with all of that, it has ribbons as a reward for leveling up. As Equestrians, WE LOVE RIBBONS.

We are very excited to offer this program in addition to all the knowledge and experience of our instructors. Please let us know your thoughts on the program. You will see a tablet in the lessons for the instructors to check off milestones and document details of the lessons.


Below are the 2 Codes needed to join the Trello Boards. Just Scan each one on your phone and it will trigger a login & membership. Due to the Personal information, we are keeping the membership by invite only--then adding each Student &/Or Parent to their board. I will need to add each member to the correct board, so do not get upset if you click on the schedule board and do not see any information.

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