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The Full Story


Dolly is one of the sweetest foals born on our farm.    She stole everyone's heart when was born live on camera streaming to TikTok and YouTube in June 2023.    She is a beautiful buckskin Tobiano with her Sires Blue eyes.

When she was 2 months old, she was playing in the pasture with her Dam, another mare and a foal when she caught her leg in the fence.    We consulted two of our Veterinarians very quickly and loaded Mom and Baby up in the trailer to head to Michigan State University.

Dolly was so brave.    She let us all look at her wound that was completely wrapped around her back leg.    She loaded in the trailer on the first try and then walked all through the hospital without a halter on with her mom and her medical team.

They shaved her leg and were able to assess her wound in a sterile environment.

Then they sutured and bandaged her leg.    After they released her to our care.   

We returned home and have her monitored at all times, doing dressing changes, providing antibiotics and she will be on stall rest for 4-6 month.   \

But the great news is she will make a full recovery.

Dolly & Lillie Vinyl Decal

Gypsy Horse Graphics created a Vinyl decal of Lillie and Dolly then donated them to us to sell to help with Dolly's expenses.
So click the decal below if you would like to order one.       


More about Gypsy Horse Graphics

Gypsy Horse Graphics is owned and operated by a Very talented artist.

She has made so many beautiful things for me over the years.  

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